John ASHWORTH (1782-1847)


John ASHWORTH, Grave_John_Ashworth_d1847

1 John ASHWORTH1,2,3 (1782-1847) [847].

Born 1782, England.2,3 Censuses and his headstone indicate that John was born in about 1782. There were many John Ashworths baptised in Rochdale around this time and, without further information, it is not possible to ascertain which, if any, of these is the one who married Sally. Marr Sally Holt ASHWORTH Jan 8, 1803, St Chad's, Rochdale, Lancashire, England. Died Oct 24, 1847, Rochdale, Lancashire, England. John, flannel manufacturer of Drake Street, died 24 October 1847 age 65. His will is held at Lancashire Archives reference 1179/6. Buried Oct, 1847, Rochdale Cemetery.2,3 Rochdale, Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England.

The burial of some of the earlier children, baptised when John was said to be a weaver, but living in Drake Street at the time of their deaths, further ties these as all being one family and John changing his status to mill owner. John’s business was called “John Ashworth & Sons”, although at the time that he started being described as woollen manufacturer his sons were at most teenagers. At the time when John’s son John died the local paper reported; “We believe the firm originated with the father of the subject of this notice – “Old John Ashworth”, as he was familiarly called – at a time when hand loom weaving was greatly in vogue, and that many such looms were employed for the firm in Great George-street and Back Drake-street.” [Rochdale Observer 30 March 1878].

Sp. Sally Holt ASHWORTH4 (1784-1862) [846], dau. of Robert HOLT ( - ) [1920] and Sarah HOLT ( - ) [1921].

Note on Marriage to John ASHWORTH: Sally Holt married John Ashworth in the parish church of Rochdale on 8 January 1803. The licence shows that John was a weaver from Waithland, Castleton, Rochdale. Sally was from Dunkirk, Spotland, Rochdale The licence says that they were both over 21 but that was not true in the case of Sally – her age at the time of censuses and at her death, as shown on her headstone, consistently indicate that she was born in about 1785/6 so was only about 18, which also ties in with her baptism if she had been baptised as a baby.

1.1 John ASHWORTH5 (1805-1878) [840].

Born Jun 4, 1805, Rochdale, Lancashire, England. Bap Jul 14, 1805, Rochdale, Lancashire, England. Union Street Wesleyan Methodist, Rochdale, Lancashire, England. Marr Jane BAKER Jun 19, 1834, St. James', Wardleworth, Lancashire, England. John married Jane Baker at Wardleworth, Rochdale on 19 June 1834. The marriage licence was for St James’ and showed John to be a woollen manufacturer of Drake Street and Jane to be of Yorkshire Street. They were both described as 21 or over. This marriage it would seem gave rise to the use of Baker as a middle forename which was to continue in the family for generations. Died Mar 27, 1878. John died on 27 March 1878 age 72. His death was covered by the local newspaper; “We regret to have to record the death of an old and respected townsman – Mr John Ashworth – head of the firm of John Ashworth & Sons, woollen manufacturers, of Oldham Road Mills, one of the old well-established concerns of which Rochdale can boast so many… Mr late John Ashworth was for many years a most attentive man of business, and until a few weeks ago seemed to enjoy very robust health. He died at his residence, Larkfield, on Wednesday last, the 27th instant, at the good old age of 73 [72 according to his headstone].” [Rochdale Observer 30 March 1878].

Sp. Jane BAKER6 (1812- ) [839].

Note on Marriage to John ASHWORTH: John and Jane had several children but baptisms have only been found for two of them. There are very many Ashworths in Rochdale so it is quite possible that those baptisms which were found were children of another John and Jane but we know from censuses that they had children of those names born around that time.

1.1.1 Emma ASHWORTH7 (1835- ) [849].

Born Apr 19, 1835.

1.1.2 Jane Baker ASHWORTH8 (c. 1838- ) [850].

Born c. 1838, Rochdale, Lancashire, England.

1.1.3 Eliza ASHWORTH9 (b.1840, bur.1843) [848].

Born 1840. Bap Aug 12, 1840. Buried Mar 3, 1843, St Chad’s Rochdale.

1.1.4 Thomas Baker ASHWORTH10 (1844-1878) [836].

Born Jan 6, 1844, Rochdale, Lancashire, England. The children of Thomas and Elizabeth present something of a puzzle. Six names have been identified for whom no baptism records have been found for four and no certain birth registration for another. Two of them, John and Thomas look surprisingly close together unless John was baptised quite late but both have the family forename of Baker, although the original of the baptism register has not been seen. Neither John nor Thomas has been found in a census although the one census return where one would expect them still to be living at home, 1881, has not been found. Nonetheless this does seem to be a correct list because it was stated in 1878 that the family had six children, the two eldest being girls and the rest boys. Marr Elizabeth B HEYES Apr 1, 1869, Southport, Lancashire, England. On 1 April 1869 Thomas married Elizabeth Heys in Southport. He stated that his residence was Southport though he only had to have been there for a couple of weeks to be entitled to do that. His brother John had married a woman from Southport the year previously, so perhaps that was how Thomas had met Elizabeth. They were aged 25 and 22 respectively at the time and Elizabeth’s father was Henry, a hotel keeper. Died Sep 30, 1878, Derby Hotel, Bury, Lancashire, England. Thomas died suddenly on 30 September 1878 while in Bury on business. He had been suffering from heart problems and had been feeling quite ill for the past few days. The inquest concluded that he died from natural causes, most likely heart disease. A long piece was written about him in the local paper which spoke strongly and at length about his professional ability and dedication and also referred to the many who looked upon him as “a hearty and sincere friend”. The Chief Constable spoke of “the energy, and the earnestness, and the ability which the deceased had invariably manifested in advocating or defending the interests of his clients”. The streets to the cemetery were lined with spectators and there was “a very large gathering … to witness the interment”. Thomas was a mason and was buried with masonic rites. His six children were aged between 7 years and less than 8 months.

Sp. Elizabeth B HEYES11,12 (1847-1913) [835].

Sp. (unknown).

1.1.5 John ASHWORTH (1842- ) [1926].

Born 1842. Marr Sarah GAMON Sep 26, 1868, Christ Church, Southport, England.

Sp. Sarah GAMON (1840- ) [1927].

Note on Marriage to John ASHWORTH: John born 1842 [Q2 1842 Rochdale vol 21 page 697], age 26 married widow Sarah Gamon at Christ Church, Southport 26 September 1868, she 28 of Southport, late of Collingwood, Canada West, her father John Livsey cotton spinner. John’s brother Thomas was a witness. Sarah had married gentleman Richard Gamon of Collingwood, West Canada, a corn dealer’s son, at Bury in 1863.

1.2 Robert ASHWORTH (1803-1822) [1916].

Born Jul, 1803, Castleton. Died Nov 27, 1822, Rochdale, Lancashire, England.

1.3 Edmund ASHWORTH (1807-1825) [1917].

Born Nov 23, 1807. Bap Feb 14, 1808. Died Jun, 1825. Buried Jun 12, 1825, Rochdale, Lancashire, England.

1.4 Ann ASHWORTH (1810-1818) [1918].

Born 1810, Rochdale, Lancashire, England. Died Aug, 1818, Rochdale, Lancashire, England.

1.5 Thomas ASHWORTH (1815- ) [1919].

Born Dec 16, 1815. Bap Mar 3, 1819.

1.6 Sarah ASHWORTH (1818- ) [1922].

Born Mar 5, 1818.

1.7 Mary Ann ASHWORTH (1820- ) [1923].

Born Aug 24, 1820.

1.8 Elizabeth ASHWORTH (1823- ) [1924].

Born Jan 10, 1823.

1.9 Robert ASHWORTH (1826-1868) [1925].

Born Dec 10, 1826. Died Aug 7, 1868.


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